20% off everything – Endless.com

I love how all shoe retailers are stepping up their game after Zappos.com.  Who would have thought that a shoe retailer could come so late in the game and dominate by offering amazing customer service?  I mean, in hindsight, yes, of course it would work, but can you just imagine the scenario?   You’re sitting aruond a table, throwing around ideas of e-commerce businesses to start, you’re not interested in starting the latest Web 5.0 (or whatever it is now), not trying to roll out the next Pinkberry concept like your venture capital friends (p.s, they’re shuttering stores) are going on and on about, but hey, what about shoes?   SHOES! and everyone gasps collectively, “YES!  That’s exactly the thing!”  Anyhoo, I digress.  I heart Zappos very much, but they don’t offer as many coupons as I would like.

To that end, Endless.com is offering a 20% off everything  coupon, and they have a fairly decent selection.  Prices are good, and shipping is fast.  Enjoy!

code:  thanku20

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