Rent payments now affect your credit


Let’s say your credit isn’t the best and you’ve been seriously considering applying for that 79.99% credit card  (p.s.: don’t do it) to build up your credit.  As housing is typically a  household’s highest expense, I’ve always thought it odd that rent isn’t reported onto your credit report – we all know mortgage payments are.  As of January, Experian can now include rent payments on your credit report.  Your landlord will need to sign up to report your payments, but it seems like a mutually beneficial setup.

As long as I’m paying rent on time, heck yeah do I want to get credit for it!  You can contact  RentBureau and request your payment history. So far, Experian is working with 45 property managers across the country and says it covers more than 8 million residents nationwide.  Finally, a little help where we need it!

(CNN Money)

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