I don’t know what to title this. New reasons why I’m crazy, pehaps?

It’s Sunday morning, so I’m doing my usual, which is clipping coupons and running through the ads.  I’ve realized several things about myself the past week (or rather, my husband told me these are new reasons why I’m a crazy person), and I wanted to share:

1.  We were at Target last week when he wanted to purchase the premade 6-pack of Jello.  I had a total pissy fit and told him that NO, we are not purchasing something that costs $2.70 (pre-coupon and not on sale!!), when I could buy the powder mix  and make him the same amount for $0.70.  That is a 386% markup, almost as bad as movie theatre popcorn!

2.  Orange juice.  A 60 oz (or whatever it is) costs $2.99 and probably pours 10 glasses.  That’s roughly $0.29/glass before taxes, etc.  We were having breakfast last weekend and I really wanted orange juice, but I just couldn’t bring myself to order a glass that costs the same $2.99.  I just couldn’t, it felt like I was committing a big crime.

3.  I bought my doggies the expensive Pedigree bones from the store, without a coupon, half an hour after we had breakfast without blinking an eye.  I didn’t even realize it until he pointed it out when we got home.

4.  One of the shows I am most looking forward to watching next week is TLC’s Extreme Couponing.  I saw the preview a few months ago and have been obsessed ever since.



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