Is it worth attending doctorate program to earn $60,500?

Would you attend a doctorate program costing $50,000 (on top of $30,000 already spent for a graduate program), only to earn an additional $15,000/annually?   Troy and Maryna Welker are a young, newly married couple, both teachers.  He makes $45,500 as a special education teacher, and she works part-time, earning $11,975.

This couple is doing everything right, and if they make the changes the advisor suggested to them, I have no doubt that they’re off to a happy future.  The thing that stood out to me in this was the fact that attending a doctorate program would only increase his earnings by $15,000.  Over the life of his career, the planner estimates that it adds up to $670,000.  And it’s not as though his earning power is that high now, it’s $45,500.  MBAs typically graduate with $80,000+ job offers, so it’s surprising and disappointing that one of the most important professions has such a low pay grade.  I admire his dedication to his profession and hope he has all the success he deserves.

(Seattle Times)

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2 thoughts on “Is it worth attending doctorate program to earn $60,500?

  1. That’s ashame that our society does not seem to value education much (in terms of what they pay teachers).

    I remember when I was making the decision to go to engineering or teaching, my teachers would encourage engineering. At least until I pay off my loans, and then if I want to, I can take one year of teachers college and teach.

  2. That is so sad – and they wonder why our education system is going down the toilet.

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