New job. Maybe.

I gave notice at work a while back, and I am currently training my replacement.  I originally quit to try and start my own business, but I was cruising the job boards a few weeks ago and saw a position that would be a good fit.  I applied, they called me in for an interview, and several interviews later, I recieved a verbal offer today.

I quit work for very specific reasons.

1. I don’t like corporate life

2. I dislike office politics, and being “fake social”

3. No matter how hard I work, I will never really be in control of my own destiny

4. I hate the feeling that I could be fired at any time

And many more reasons I’m sure everyone has heard time and time again.

I want to start a online business, help my husband with business, and perhaps try a few ideas.  He brings home a salary from work, which would barely be enough to cover our monthly expenses, we’d have to tap into savings a bit.  We have savings that would take us from 6-8 months (if neither of us drew a paycheck), so I feel comfortable with that. His business isn’t doing that well at the moment, so he couldn’t draw more money for a long while, even if I were to help him, but I know that I would be able to help him a lot on the financial/operations side, which he desperately needs.

The job I was offered comes with a very decent salary, 20 percent more than what I currently make, but the guy that would be my manager was very horrible on the negotiations.  Downright rude. You know how you usually feel a rush of euphoria when you get something you really want?  I felt none of that.  It’s high stress, tons of overtime, and a demanding potential boss.  I’ve heard stories about him already, and in my dealings with him just on salary negotiation alone, I feel like he could be difficult.  It’s a great company, good project I would be working on.

Hubby wants me to take some time off, but I know he is worried about finances, but he’s been very supportive about me just being happy, if I never wanted to do anything again, he would be fine with it. I’m worried about finances too, but that’s becuase I am a control freak and worry about everything.  He thinks I can work on my side projects on the weekeknd, but with my plans for grad school, it would be all a bit much.  I don’t want him to have any stress at all, so I have been seriously thinking about taking it, but I’m just not excited.  And I understsand that this is a terrible economy, and I am really grateful to have been offered a position, but something within me is just not thrilled about jumping back into the corporate life.  A little voice in me just keeps saying “what about all those ideas you had?”  I have websites registered and half done already, and I don’t know what is right or wrong anymore. Am I selling out?

What would you guys do?


2 thoughts on “New job. Maybe.

  1. Can you work at that job and do your side stuff on the weekend? Maybe you could build up your business on the side while doing your job and when your business takes off, then quit.

    It sounds like you two are worried about money, even with 6-8 months saved up. I like to err on the side of caution, so I’d take the job to see how it goes for 3-6 months… and know that I could quit any time I wanted.

    You can get rid of that anxiety of being fired, because even if you are, it’d be the same thing in the end if you quit 🙂 That’s why you have the cushion and are comfortable enough to relax, whereas most people are not.

    It also sounds like good experience and a good project, and a mean manager may not be so mean after all… it may be your first impression but they may end up being really decent.

    In the time you’re working I’d also save as much as possible to extend and lengthen that savings cushion so it’s more 1-2 years, especially if you are planning on really throwing yourself into an online business and may not see income for that time.

    Work-life balance is important, but for me, putting food on the table is #1, especially if my other half doesn’t have a more stable job to fall back on.

    • That’s what I think I’ll do, but I know already that I’ll be working 60-70 hours a week, easy, and I’m worried that with my plans to attend grad school in the next year or two, my side business plans will fall by the wayside, and I’ll be 40 and unemployed and unable to start something else, and wondering why the heck I didn’t do it when I had the chance. Perhaps I’m worrying too much.

      Thanks for your input! You’re right, I can always take this offer, see if I like it for a few months, build up some additional reserves while doing the online part-time, and quit if I don’t like it.

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