Bethenny Frankel taking on the world

I’ve been watching Bethenny Frankel ever since I first saw her on Real Housewives of New York – she was spunky, ambitious, and most important of all, real, unlike so many of the other housewives on these shows.  In the beginning, she was a organic food chef marketing her brand, “Skinnygirl”, and she’s since expanded upon that, into her own show, books, and started her own line of margaritas.

Whether you love her or hate her, you have to admit, she has built herself into a successful brand, outranking even J. Lo in just a few short years, and should be applauded for it.  She’s started several businesses and failed (BethennyBakes, event planning, scarves), but it hasn’t stopped her from picking herself up and marching on.  I’m not as big a fan of Kim Kardashian, but I have to hand it to her as well, she’s done the same thing.

Up next for her is skincare, shotglasses, shapewear, diet pills, and who knows what else. Given that her margarita line was just sold for $100 M last week, it’s definitely inspiring me to get a move on!

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2 thoughts on “Bethenny Frankel taking on the world

  1. I remember reading a little about her when she had her wedding show. Bethany ever after?

    I better be getting my act together, too!

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