My version of extreme couponing

My latest scheme to save money has to do with one of my favorite things, shopping! I realized that I could buy a gift certificate for less than face value from a site like or, and use it on a site that also gives me cashback!

So my latest deal was:

1. I went onto and found a giftcard for Ann Taylor worth $300 for $255, 15% off

2. Then I log onto for the 3% cashback on all purchases

Every quarter or so, they will have a 40% off sitewide sale, which is pretty great – combining all the coupons means I can actually save 58% on all purchases, and they offer free shipping on any purchases over $150!

I feel like this opens up a whole new world of savings, and it’s so exciting!


4 thoughts on “My version of extreme couponing

  1. Yay! You see back!

    I keep seeing stuff about e bates, but I don’t really do that much online shopping. Maybe it’s tine to change that. I like your method of “extreme couponing” 🙂

  2. I’ve been well.
    Juggling work and life, as usual 🙂

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