I’m back!

It’s been a while since I’ve been here, and boy, have I missed it!  Since the last post, we bought a house, remodeled, moved, started an MBA program, dropped out of an MBA program, hubs sold his business and is trying to start a new one, and I started a new job. Whew!

We stumbled upon the house unexpectedly… we both love real estate and cruise Redfin.com frequently – one Sunday while going through the real estate section of the paper, I saw a house in a great area that had been on and off the market for a while that had been relisted. Altogether, it had been on the market for nearly 6 months… and this time it was back on, but with a huge price drop. We weren’t ready to really begin looking, after all, we still had 7 months to go on the existing lease.  But for whatever reason, there was something in the air that Sunday, we were dizzy from not having had breakfast yet, etc, we spontaneously decided to call the realtor. He picked up on the 2nd ring, and we had an appointment to see the house in an hour. We went into the house, and the area was much nicer than we had expected – lovely mature trees, quiet, and great school district. We went back to the realtor’s office, made an offer, and went into escrow the next day.

The loan process was excruciating. I wanted to give up several times. We have 700+ credit scores, stable employment, tax returns, finances in order, etc. We didn’t have enough for 20% down, but we knew we were selling his business and would be able to refi at a later date, so we went with FHA. And with that, it still took 3 months to be approved. Luckily, our loan broker was great to work with and kept us informed during the entire process.

More a bit later – so glad to be back!

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