Holiday gifts


I sort of hate the holiday season. Of course seeing family and all the get-togethers are great, but it’s really the shopping for holiday gifts for others that gets to me. I feel similarly about other holidays that are forced upon us, like Valentine’s, Christmas, even birthdays. There shouldn’t be a specific day where you have to buy something for someone.  There is a reason why companies make most of their profit during the holiday season!

Now, during the holidays, you’re expected to buy gifts for significant others, family, friends/kids, co-workers, and so on. How absolutey horrible. I’ve mostly pared things down the past few years, to something that feels comfortable to me.

1. Significant other:  We have an agreement to not buy each other gifts unless we are together and see something we really like.  We don’t really exchange holiday/valentine’s or bday gifts, but we go out for a nice meal that we both enjoy and spend time together.

2. Family: See #1

3. Co-workers: I bake cookies or make scented salt body scrubs. It’s inexpensive and brings out my inner Martha Stewart

4. Friends: I think we’ve all come to the point where we’re settled and have budgets, so I might buy something for their kids, or we’ll do a Secret Santa with a fun theme party, like this year’s theme of “Best Ugly Christmas Sweater”

This way, we only buy meaningful gifts, not buying something just to buy something!

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2 thoughts on “Holiday gifts

  1. I have pretty similar views towards gifts, in general, whether it be fore Christmas or birthdays. My main gift shopping is for BF, and I try to make part of the gift, and also get him something that he can use. With my friends and family, we just get together and hang out. It’s so rare that we all can spend time together, and we really cherish that. We do get a gift for our relatives who are still children, though.

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